Oriental Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

How to become a member

This Society, is formed by fully trained and qualified Plastic Surgeons with an interest in Oriental Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and whose practice is based on the highest standards of professional integrity, and governed by a high sense of ethical code. Thus, only candidates that meet these criteria be proposed members of the society. All members on their election will agree to abide to all the Articles and By-Laws of the Society. The Society will have the following categories of Membership: A. Active B. Founding, C. Life, and D. Honorary.


From Countries with Affliated National Associations (ANAs)

The applicants from these countries must be proposed by the acknowledged National Secretary of the Association of that country. The application must be made in a prescribed application form which will be available from the Secretary-General and the completed application form shall be forwarded to the Secretary-General with the necessary joining fees and the first biennial subscription. [Each new member will pay a
joining fee of US$25 and a biennial subscription of US$25. These fees (US$50) must accompany the application for membership, before it can be processed by the secretariat.] The application will be circulated to all members of the Executive Committee. If no objection is raised in the prescribed period, the Secretary-General shall confirm the applicant as elected to the membership of the Society. If there is any objection, the applicant's name will be put for election at the next Delegates Meeting where a two-thirds majority vote will be needed for the election of the applicant.

From Countries without Affliated National Associations (Direct Members)

Applicants from countries which do not have an Association that is affiliated to the Society must apply directly to the Secretary-General. The Secretary-General will request the applicant to show proof that he is a bonafide Plastic Surgeon with an interest in Aesthetic Surgery and the application shall need to be proposed and seconded by members of the Society. The application shall be studied by the Membership committee and only if found suitable, shall the committee recommend the name for election at the Delegates Meeting. The decision of the Membership committee shall be final and it does not have to give any reason why it did not recommend any candidate for election. In the Delegates Meeting a two-thirds majority vote will be needed for the election of the applicant.


If any candidate fails to be recommended or elected for any reason, he can appeal to the Executive Committee who if it thinks fit will recommend the name for election at the next Delegates Meeting.


(a) Members have the privilege of participation in all activities organized by the Society i.e. attending all congresses, meetings, workshops, & instructional courses and they will also pay less registration fees than non-members.

(b) They will also receive all communications such as newsletters, publications, etc. , produced at the instruction of the Executive Committee.

(c) Only members can be appointed or elected to the Delegates Meeting, hold office in the Society i.e. in the Executive Committee and other specially appointed committees.


Any member who ceases to be a member of his National Association also loses his membership of the Society.